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Privat Label Eyelashes

False eyelashes are becoming more and more popular as one of the best ways to get the great looking eyelashes which most people find desirable.  We have been making false eyelashes for years and our 100% hand made products are widely considered to be the best in quality available anywhere in the world.
By partnering with PT Diva Prima Cemerlang, your business can instantly gain access to our exclusive in-house brand of custom eyelashes. All of our eyelash products are hand crafted from the best materials available, with great attention to detail and quality control.
Our artisans work hard to produce the most cutting edge and in demand eyelash designs on the market today, but if you would like to request customized options, PT Diva Prima  Cemerlang provides OEM services to make this possible. Hand crafted quality eyelashes can be constructed per your length, color, thickness, and any other specific design requirements.
 We can also provide your company with private label services, if you do not already have your packaging ready. Our label department can provide customized private labels, displaying your brand, to make the distribution of your new eyelashes even easier.


Wispie Lashes

​Wispy lashes are the trendiest style because they look fluffy and feathery, so very natural. They are perfect for people who prefer a dramatic, makeup look and eyelashes that stand out.
Wispy lashes can be achieved in different ways. Besides getting a strip of wispy lashes, which are one-time use, or trying to achieve the effect with mascara, the best long-term results are achieved with eyelash extensions.


The daily lashes is regular trip lashes with natural look. Most styles are single layered. The lashes are designed to for every eye shape. They feel lightweight and comfortable. These false eyelashes are perfect for everyday wear.
easy application, and comfortable wear with voluminous volume. Available in human hair and synthetic version as well.


Natural lashes aim to enhance natural looks. Lashes weight less than 0.01gr, band size 0.082mm, hair diameter 0.055mm. Lashes are so comfortable to wear. Real feel like you don’t use false eyelashes. Suitable for regular or special occasions.



Our synthetic lashes are made from poly-fiber material that is very strong and holds its shape well. Whether you’re after a dramatic or natural look, day or night, synthetic false lashes should be your go-to — here’s why.
We offer an extensive range of lashes made from synthetic fibres. Our syntetic lashes offer a dramatic lash, that is softer and often holds a curl better than other synthetic fibers.  They are embraces the beauty of a natural lash, offering a subtle falsie that adds length, without overpowering the eye. 
Each lash is handmade with different lengths and densities to provide a more voluminous and natural look.



Full eyelashes are multilayered false eyelashes which give more volume to eyelashes. The lashes are thicker, fuller, and more dramatic. The usage is for those who want to achieve luxurious or glamorous looks. These falsies are suitable for special occasions




Individual Flare Synthetic  Lashes are handcrafted clusters of 10D hairs, that are knot-free and with knotted and set on an ultra-thin comfort band that allows them to blend in seamlessly with the lash line.  Each cluster is made of ten, luxurious  lashes, beautifully crafted to look naturally random. 
Use them as a full set or to fill in sparse areas. Layer them with strip lashes for a customized look, or with eyelash extensions, to fill in any gaps between fills and affordably extend your wear. An indispensable item for every makeup kit, reusable with proper care.

We Produce :
5 / 7 / 10 / 12 Ply Flare Lashes with knotted or knotted free